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Spool of hot metal
Spools of metal

What Can We Do For You?

When corrosion, excessive wear, cracking, or other component failure or dysfunction compromise your productivity, you need solutions from metal heat treating with experience and expertise. In order to meet your needs for metal heat treating, we invite you to contact us to talk about your project. Our highly experienced staff will take the needs of your product or project into consideration and suggest a heat treatment method that improves your material’s strength, formability, durability, elasticity, and more. 

Our services include:

  • Carburizing, to increase the surface hardness of low-carbon iron or steel by heating it with a carbon source 

  • Stress Relieving, to prevent cracks, warping and distortion of highly machined components

  • Hardening, using a variety of hardening processes that improve your metal’s resistance to strain and deformation

  • Annealing, using a variety of heat treatment techniques to increase the ductility of metals

  • Glass Beading, to clean metal components and produce a uniform surface texture

  • Zinc Phosphating, to protect metal surfaces with a corrosion-resistant, rustproof coating


Alberta Basic Heat Treat offers you a variety of heat treatment techniques and depth of experience to help you build durable parts and equipment and maintain your equipment more easily and cost-effectively. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Charts are available.

Please contact us for more information.

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