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Improve the Appearance of Your Materials with Glass Beading in Calgary

Glass beading is a process used to clean and improve the appearance of an array of products and materials. Since glass beads can range in consistency and size, glass beading processes can be customized from smaller, fine-detail jobs to more substantial cleaning of large, rough surfaces. With Alberta Basic Heat Treat’s glass beading in Calgary, we can remove burrs, create peen, clean thoroughly, and provide a smooth finish all in one process – resulting in an efficient process for cost savings.

Glass beading can be used to remove paint without damaging the surface of the material or damaging the environment. Glass beading is an environmentally-friendly process because the glass beads are made from chemically inert substances. Paint can be removed from all types of metal including:

  • Automobiles

  • Work trucks

  • Heavy equipment

  • Machinery engine blocks

  • And more.

Glass beading in Calgary is a process that can be trusted to keep the integrity of the metal during the process; the surface of the metal can be glass beaded without the removal of a significant amount of metal. For a bright, matte surface finish that gives your parts and materials the aesthetic you want, call Alberta Basic Heat Treat for glass beading services today!

Charts are available.

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