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Strengthening Parts with Metal Hardening in Calgary

The goal of any metal heat treatment is to improve the part or material’s mechanical properties. Metal hardening in Calgary improves the durability and strength of your equipment parts. Alberta Basic Heat Treat offers you a variety of hardening processes to deliver a product precisely treated to your specifications. Put our experience with Calgary industries to work for you with a consultation! We can then recommend a hardening, quenching and tempering treatment that is engineered to your needs.

During the metal hardening process, materials are heated to the critical temperature necessary for transformation for a short period of time and then rapidly cooled. This process of heating and cooling takes a material that is somewhat softer and adds significant strength to the structure. Following metal hardening, parts and materials are often stress relieved to improve stability and toughness even further.

For metal hardening services, Alberta Basic Heat Treat can help. Contact us today.

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